The dream birthday

Waving Hi to a balcony at sharp 12 in the night from the street is not that big a thing….but wait, the whole story does make it big. See it is a big thing when you’ve been threatening your lover to meet since a long time and that same shit load of a lover gets a phone call one minute before the clock strikes 12 and it’s his birthday saying “come over to the window”. And there he sees a small brested woman…his girlfriend perhaps…who is also stout waves those manly hands from down the street and that cellphone pressed onto the ear by her shoulder.

His jaw dropped off to the floor…not because she was looking pretty or something…but because it was HER and that too HERE.

Omigawd…he tip toed his way to the door and slid the door open one inch at a time…sneaking his way out. While running down the stairs one thought constantly barged his mind ” I’ll come back before anybody notices I’m awake and not inside…just a matter of five…okay ten minutes” 

The moment he stood before her he knew she wouldn’t let go of him with “just touching shoulders” kinda hug or a mere “happy birthday”….there has to be more…there’s supposed to be more when it’s her. 

While contemplating his thoughts neither did he frown nor did he smile…those brows came in between and god knows what he was figuring out and what was going on in that top secret mind of his…

She leaned in for a hug and rested her head on his shoulder whispering “happy happy birthday” in his ear and grabbing his ass…then he pulled out of the hug saying “yeah yeah it is still in the same place” she completed the sentence saying “and is just as amazing as the last time” ending it with a giggle. 

It’s cold outside…come let’s sit in the car…

“Nope” he said popping the ‘p’ up…placing those hands back in the pocket…”I gotta go back please before anybody finds out…I’ll come early tomorrow”
“Oh cummon I swear I’ll behave…just sit with me for five minutes” she said. “Plus you’re good…WAY too good at resisting any kind of sexual gesture”…

“Just sit please” 

He held him by his hand and made him sit at the backseat 
And they moment they sat inside the first words she entered were “I love you” …as of a player and a one man whore to him that she is…these weren’t out of love or anything. And this wasn’t hard for him to figure out…these were…you know…to ignite the system. See…her game has evolved over the years…

Meanwhile in his mind “what a bitch….WHAT A BITCH” 

She scooted closer taking his hands and placing them over her chest through the sweater….

“What a slut..WHAT A SLUT” in his mind.

Now when he didn’t say anything she took it as a cue she drew herself even closer kissing his cheeks. “Tell me when to stop”

“O no no noo…if that is what you have in mind…you’re not doing that…I gotta go back before somebody creates a scene out of this” hands off baby. 

She rested her hand on his neck and rubbed his jaw with her thumb saying “thodi c mohabbat krni ha bass…thodi c” 

Rubbing his cold nose with her cheeks he said “what are you doing….and why are you doing” in between kisses that she placed on his neck and earlobe…

He slapped two fingers on her lips saying “you freak” the moment she bit his neck…

He didn’t move his hand from over her lips cause he knew she won’t stop here.

She started kissing his palm “I won’t do much”…”just tell me when to stop….I’ll stop right there….please…please” 

This was her attempt to move that hand from between and she did succeed. 

“Okay…quick quick” he mumbled rolling his eyes

She kissed oll over…his pulse beating fast…his heart throbbing…it was as if he was about to suffocate…yet nevertheless she didn’t stop. 

She with an impatient wiggle pressed her mouth onto his…he almost felt he overlapped tooth 

“Voooo where did you learn to kiss like that” he said a little breathless….she grinned and pulled hi close mumbling “I was a virgin not a monk” over his lips.

Then she eased her hands down to his belly annd to his bulging erection…and cupped him through the jeans. A moan almost escaped his lips…after a drought of 6-7 months even a finger down any body’s penis would make him scream….he buried his face in her shoulders and closed his eyes..this was ecstasy….something even above happiness…

He opened his eyes and looked out of the window with trepidation

“Bass krr yar.. ho gyi mohabbat…jane de abb” 

Saying this he pulled himself together making sure to not fall for those puppy eyes she was making which she makes every time he leaves….

And doged out of the car as fast as he could….what he couldn’t control on his way back was that grin and the glint in his eyes that said “I’m shy to say it but I love you and I wanna say it again and again”